Journey, Limerick, Alliteration

I’ve come to the end of the line

My schizophrenia is on the decline

When I started it was severe

But my therapist is a dear

Now all four of us are fine

Our shopping trips are often adventurous

The butchers temper is always calamitous

It wasn’t hard to see

How to get our food for free

That’s when he threw the big ham at us

I really looked forward to my first journey

Three weeks escape from being an attorney

I drove to the airport too fast

Now my leg is waiting for a caste

I’m lying in emergency on a gurney

My new interest has become a debilitation

I really need to overcome my frustration

I treated Learn to Blog as an odyssey

But sometimes it becomes very odd you see

By the way what the hell is ‘alliteration?’


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